Waking up in New Zealand

March 3, 2016

After meeting up with our friends, Bernice and Ann in Christchurch, we drove east to Banks Peninsula, arriving long after the sun set.  The morning light gave us clear vision for the visual delights that we found everywhere .  (And I do mean everywhere, for the next 21 days).

Low tide. Water bird and many little bumps on the mud flats.IMG_1465

On closer inspection…

The pattern repeated itself in the clouds.IMG_1468

Halfmoon Bay Cottage: Gardens galore and such nice owners.IMG_1485

A PERFECT place to Relax…IMG_1547

Hiking around the Bay…IMG_1494

…and to an inner peninsula/island, (depending on the tide). The close to the sky point brought us to a sacred Maori place.IMG_1499

Had my first, of many, OMG experiences with NZ’s geology:

March 5th

Headed up and out of the Bay…IMG_1548

…looking back to where we were the day before.


Heading south on the east coast of the South Island. Destination, Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin, where we heard that there were Dinosaur Eggs…only at low tide. Sure enough…IMG_1592



I’ve already lost the sense of Time, so I will just post the stories from one place to the next.

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